COVID-19 and Six Star Events

COVID-19 and Six Star Events

July 23, 2020
2 min read

Like everyone in the nation, we at Six Star have been watching Covid-19 closely.   The Event Industry has been impacted greatly by this pandemic. I’ve been in this industry for 25+ years and personally have never seen anything quite like this…and hope to never see anything like it again. What I have found to be true and very inspiring is how our brides, grooms and families have been handling everything. The grace in which people have adjusted, rescheduled and re-planned these very important events in their lives has been very moving.  Everyone working together to continue to make a very momentous time extremely special is a wonderful thing to be part of.    At Six Star, we are starting our re-opening.  We have always been a very clean place.  My kitchen is immaculate, we are organized and it shows. My staff have always followed best practice guidelines for preparing and serving food.  We have always worn gloves.  We always have a very sanitized and clean cooks tent or prep area on an event.  Did I say my kitchen is immaculate??? Oh yeah….I did…and it is. Food safety is very important to us.  The safety of our clients and their guests are very important to us.    Our new guidelines for now are as follows:

  1. Staff arrive for work and we do a temperature check which we log on our sign in sheets
  2. Staff wash their hands at the hand sink by the front door
  3. Staff sign out their masks and aprons
  4. Staff wear masks and gloves throughout the event set up, event duration, and event breakdown
  5. Staff wash hands often (this isn’t anything new)
  6. Staff at the end of the night sign out and return their masks and aprons which we launder in house on high heat

Stay safe everyone and we look forward to continuing to provide our clients with amazing food, top notch staff, impeccable service and most importantly, peace of mind, knowing that from our end, things will be handled properly and safely.      

Kim James