The Engagement Party

May 25, 2021
1 min read

Part of the fun of getting married occurs before the big day–when you first get engaged! That’s why the engagement party is such a nice thing to do. Inviting some of your friends and family to celebrate the start of this new and exciting phase of your life is perfect. Here are some fun ideas for engagement parties:  

  • The Low-Key, Classic Cocktail Party : Some appetizers, some booze, some music – keep it simple! Maybe come up with a signature cocktail that can be pre-mixed so that guests can serve themselves. 
  • The Themed Cocktail Party : Games, locations, anything is up for grabs when you choose a themed party. Hawaii, 1940s, Star Trek, etc. Just make sure that if certain outfits are required, your guests know ahead of time! No one wants to be the one wearing a sweater vest when everyone else is rocking their Storm Trooper uniforms.
  • The Winery Party: The drinks are already there so you don’t have to decide what kind to buy. Wineries have beautiful views! Most wineries also offer light appetizers.
  • The Barn Party: Low-country style. You can have a seafood boil, some spiked lemonade, and some games of cornhole to keep things lively!