Boutique vs. Large: Bridal Show Experiences

Boutique vs. Large: Bridal Show Experiences

October 28, 2021
2 min read

Many new brides want to enjoy all of the experiences they possibly can when it comes to planning a wedding—bridal magazines, websites, cake tasting, venue visits, bridal shows, the list goes on…

As a vendor, bridal shows are extremely beneficial for business because it allows us to get face-time with potential clients and to make an impact that will help us stand out from the crowd.

A small boutique bridal show is incredibly useful for this aspect as it gives each vendor the opportunity to meet and talk with brides, giving a lasting impression. While larger bridal shows offer increased exposure to more potential clients, the larger shows don’t allow vendors the time to talk with each bride, simply because the quantity of show attendees and vendors—there are large amounts of attendees making their way through a large amount of vendors, meaning the attendees are typically seeking to hit as many vendor booths as possible and the vendors are trying to give out their brochures and cards to as many attendees as possible. This situation can be beneficial but oftentimes leads to the brides not fully remembering what they loved and whom they met and from whom they’d like to get more information.

When a vendor has the opportunity to take part in a smaller, boutique bridal show, such as Shenandoah Love, the environment of the show is intimate and provides one-on-one time with brides. This one-on-one time is truly valuable and increases the chances that the brides you meet will be the brides you work with on their special days.

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