Behind every Six Star event is my passion and personal dedication to provide you a Six Star experience in planning your event.

It is my joy to get to know my clients, to help them discover their unique style, and to work hard to develop their vision of what they want their special occasion to be. Six Star Events is a full-service catering company–we offer everything you need for your special event: catering, rentals, and staffing. My unique gift to pull together the many details involved in creating once-in-a-lifetime events promises a fun and stress-free time to dream and imagine the special occasion that you want to share with family and friends. 

You name the canvas and I’m game. I have over 25 years of experience in creating event themes and styles that are unique to my clients–From Simple to Extravagant, Classic Elegance to Rustic, Earthy Fun to Colorful, Whimsical to Edgy, Sophisticated to Cozy and Intimate–Six Star Events will be with you every step of the way. I particularly love the challenge of creating event space out of raw land, barns, backyards, homes, ballrooms, and art galleries.

What makes Six Star Events a special competitor in the industry?

I am passionate about sourcing the best local foods and products for every event that I cater. I also strive to be as green as possible as society grows in its awareness of where things come from and where they go after they’ve been used. Six Star will turn your vision into reality.

It is not only myself who goes above and beyond for all of my clients, but it’s the people and staff who share my commitment, love, and dedication to executing each and every event with integrity and a unified goal of excellence, too. We make Six Star Events a shining beacon in the event industry. I am blessed to know and to work closely with so many top-notch individuals that love helping me turn your vision into a reality. The Six Star Events staff is one of the finest you will find. Your guests will be talking about their service, the delicious food we will prepare for you, the lovely decor surrounding you, and the memories they will be apart of for your special occasion.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with you and be a part of an amazing collaboration of planning and preparation in creating a memorable event for you. In any and every way possible, you have my commitment to providing you a perfect Six Star experience. 

Kim James